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Apply To Play: An Electronic Music Festival’s Artist Application Guide

Posted by Astral Harvest on 4 January 2018

Every season, we at Astral Harvest look forward to assembling the freshest lineup of international and local talent. We anticipate hearing the new music that is being produced and mixed and this is the reason that we open up these applications to you every year!

Crafting a well-rounded, professional application can be daunting -- especially if you’ve never done it before. So, if you’re eager to drop some hot fire and become a part of the experience this festival season, consider these tips to ensure your application gets the attention it deserves.

  • Fill in all of the blanks.
    Be sure to answer all of the questions on the application with consciousness to grammar, brevity, and an overall feeling of quality over quantity.

  • Don’t rush.
    Take your time to submit your best material and to fill out every section with care.

  • Apply early.
    The time is now. Getting your application put together early gives you time to proofread and look over all areas.

  • Your mix is mastered.
    It is important to submit a professional, crisp, level-sounding mix. This helps to showcase your music style and DJ experience in the best light.

  • You have a social media presence.
    Staying relevant on platforms such as Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, or Snapchat helps to show that you value sharing and growing your craft as well as interacting with your fan-base.

  • You contribute to your community.
    Playing events regularly shows that you support your community and that you value your immediate audience. We want to see your passion for music and performance.

  • You release material regularly.
    Recent activity on social media and releasing music and mixes weekly gives an amazing impression! We want to see that your material is new, original, and that people are into it.

  • You have releases on record labels.
    Although it is not necessary to have releases on music labels to get approved to DJ a music festival, it helps to make your application stand out and shows dedication to your music.

  • You’ve put out a variety of material.
    Your application will shine if you release single tracks, mixes, remixes, and videos for example. Producing an assorted collection of material gives festivals a wider perspective of your art.

  • Proofread and feel confident about your application.
    Have a final read-over of your application. Are you proud of it? Does it represent you in the best light? If so, proceed to apply.

Thank you for your application! Please keep in mind that even though you may meet all of the points listed, it does not guarantee your spot at our festival. Every application will be reviewed with thought and care. If you are selected to play, you will be contacted. 

Keep making music and sharing your art. Time and practice are the best teachers!

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