Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Flora Fauna is a collaborative endeavour that blends play and performance. This was designed to provide a vehicle through which we could explore creative projects together and with other artists. The project was conceptualized by Korin Cormier and Shayna Harris. We began practicing hoopdance just over 3 years ago, organically transitioning to performing in the past year. Our movement style is influenced by classic circus hooping, contemporary hoopdance, technical manipulations, clown, yoga and inversions. Our performances evolved by blending movement practices with creative expression of costumes and characters.

We have performed & taught at festivals such as Odyssey Gathering, Electric Love, and Wicked Woods. In the months between music festivals we stay engaged with audiences & movement in the Edmonton community, performing at events hosted by Mahsi Fellowship, Cheshire Productions, Future Roots, and Conjure Productions.

Korin, or Miss Lavender, has collaborated with and designed costumes for performance artists. A lifelong seamstress, Miss Lavender designs unique costumes and characters for the Flora Fauna collective to play with.

Shayna AKA Fawnatron is one of the hosts of Edmonton’s weekly silent jam, and helps organize and curate performance art for the Mahsi Fellowship parties. Passionately playful, Fawnatron loves coming up with games, gimmicks, activities and stories for the cast of Flora Fauna characters.

We have designed some new immersive characters that we are excited to unveil at Astral Harvest this year.