Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

A Quest of Self

Avery found his place as a performer at a very young age. Staring in his first school play at age 7, Avery fell in love with the roar of the crowd and has been a performance junkie ever since. Since then he has dedicated himself to a variety of performance types, such as Improv theater and fire spinning. In the past two years Avery has been supporting himself as an artist through busking and working with a local circus group which has performed at Astral Harvest as well as in the city of Calgary. He is also an experienced roving performer, working at many different festivals including the Saskatoon children's festival. Within the last year he has found a passion for teaching circus lessons as well as hosting workshops and devotes time each week to teaching the art of freestyle to those who have yet to find their verbal flow.

Skinny started out in much the same way: starting theater at a young age and falling deep in love with the stage. After having several lead roles in his school's productions and being a core member of their Improv team, Skinny decided to commit himself to his craft and fully immersed himself in the world of performance art. He enrolled in and has since completed a Drama program at the UofA and spent over two years working at Jubilations Dinner Theater where he would serve guests as a variety of different costume characters. He has also graduated from the "Release your Inner Fool" clown class at the UofA, taught by the astounding Jan Henderson and has since used his clown abilities to do professional gigs at both inner city art festivals and music festivals alike.

Between Skinny's devotion to theater and Avery's love of circus art, this dynamic duo leave an audiences feeling bewildered, dazzled, and constantly wondering what they will be doing next. They have performed together at numerous events, including the Kaleido festival parade and other music festivals. With over 12 years of combined circus experience, and both have a lifetime of performing in front of an audience, and when the audience is everywhere, every moment is a performance! Keep a look out for these two while wandering the festival grounds in your explorations this year.