Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Awakening the Senses: Getting Back to Nature Through Art

Your senses are the windows through which you participate in the ongoing (lov)evolution of life, both as an observer and as a creator of this epic adventure. How often do we give ourselves time to listen and playfully interact with the wilds of nature through each of our senses? What would we uncover if we not only stopped to smell the flowers, but took a time-out to co-create with them?

Join Skye on a dive into the sensuous journey of getting back to nature through the artistic process known as earth art. Combining artist, medium, and muse into one, earth art is expressed by arranging pieces of nature (leaves, sticks, rocks, etc) into patterns and designs to delight the senses. It’s fun, free, and you can do it anywhere after you receive this seed of inspiration.
Let’s get creative, empowered, and most importantly, dirty!

Skye is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and workshop facilitator; versatile and passionate in all forms of his work. Following his departure from traditional employment six years ago, Skye has been devoted to navigating and sharing his exploration into the emerging gift economy as he builds a thriving work life path of personal freedom and passionate creativity. His discovery of nature/earth art nearly 5 years ago has propelled him along a path of artistic expression that continues to evolve and develop through the support of growing community.