Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

I Heart Inkblot

I Heart Inkblot is a fantastic art workshop where we will use watercolour/tempura paint and paper to create unique symmetrical inkblot images. After the inkblot is created participants will draw on top of the inkblot using markers, pencil crayons and ink pens. This fun and imaginative process creates beautiful pieces of art that are one of a kind. This is an all ages class, so feel free to bring your little ones.

Tamera Newton is a multifaceted artist that explores many avenues to express her creativity, from paint, tattoos, illustration, and graphic design to sculpting, decorating, carving and much more. Her style is vivacious, full of colourful swirls and strokes that dance on the canvas. Tamera has been facilitating art workshops at festivals and events for many years. She loves to share the creative process with people in a fun and energetic manner. 

Tamera Newton has been a part of Astral Harvest family for the last 10 years, creating art for the Wakah Chan stage, holding art workshops and doing live art performances. Tamera has also facilitated The Imagination Station (art tent) for the last 3 years.

Tamera lives in Edmonton where she works as a tattoo artist and a paint instructor.