Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Puppet Making: Bringing Objects to Life

Come create a unique living being out of recycled materials! Discover the magic of Puppeteering, by giving life and spirit to your own creation. Adults and kids welcome! Turn into Doctor Frankenstein and create a unique character or a group project. When the creatures come to life, everyone will want to go dancing!!!

Learn the basic rules of puppeteering. Make a puppet breath, look around, and dance! Any object can become a puppet, once intention is given to it. Adults and kids will be given the chance to combine recycled fabric and objects and transform them into a moving characters. Materials include newspapers, tape, metal wire, wood. This is a great way to open your imagination and let your creativity flow!

Workshop fee is $10 to cover cost of material used.
Maximum 10 participants (adults and kids)

Sylvain Bouillere – SULY- is a multidisciplinary artist, mostly live painter and giant puppet maker. Born in France, of French and Belgian parents, he lived most of his life in Montreal, Quebec. Currently nomadic, he has been travelling with a « portable studio » in Western Canada, Europe and Asia, showing and selling his works in the streets and beaches all over the world. He received a BFA Degree from the Concordia University, in Montreal and a Bachelor in Visual and Media Arts Teaching, at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Though he has participated in many artistic projects, as a performer, choreographer, musician and designer, his practice is now focused mainly on painting. His works are mostly acrylics on canvas tapestries depicting psychedelic imagery inspired by street art, tattoos and spiritual movements, using very bright neon colours. His giant puppets also enchant dance floors with their scary/fragile attitudes, also with a psychedelic feeling.

As an art educator, Sylvain Bouillere has been working since 2013 in primary and secondary schools in Montreal, Qc, offering various activities to children and teenagers, including painting, mask-making and puppet-making. He is now starting to offer workshops in different communities and developing his art-therapy skills.