Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Grindhaüs Burlesque

Grindhaüs is a wild ride into the heart of manic mayhem. This collective of strange and beautiful creatures first started crafting curated explorations of cinematic universes in 2016. This bizarre collection of burlesque, drag, circus, and avant-garde performance artists has learned to create intimate, expressive spaces for performers to interpret constantly shifting aesthetics.

The formula is simple: pull inspiration from a film; create an aesthetic concept; blow audience's minds. That simple formula results in themes from pagan ritual to psycho beach party, from galactic guns blazing to gogo gals on rampage.

These performers execute against a sonic backdrop of classic funk and disco re-edits, crunchy house bangers, dark techy bass, or the occasional junglist excursion - whatever the occasion demands.

The collective's Alberta performance experience is expansive and covers diverse territory like The Garter Girls, Calgary International Burlesque Festival, BassBus, Calgary Tattoo Festival, Astral Harvest 2018, Circle Festival, Burlesque in the Basement, Beer! Bacon!! Boobs!!! Burlesque Brunch, Sin & Gin Soirée, Habitat Living Sound, The HiFi Club. Way back in time, as The Dirty Gramophones and Electro Swing Club Canada, various members of Grindhaüs took on festivals like Shambhala Music Festival 2013, Fozzy Fest 2014, Astral Harvest 2014, and venues like Spiritbar in Nelson, BC, the Northern in Fernie, and custom underground events in Calgary warehouses, bars, halls and studios.