Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Kerrilynn Noble

If Kerrilynn Noble's newest exhibit, FANTASY, were a musical composition it might be called The Colour of Vibration. Her whimsical artistic visions deliver vibrant colors infused with light dancing across the canvas creating an imaginative pallet of multi-dimensional landscapes. Allow your eyes to carry you on a voyage of discovery as they reveal the spirits hidden in plain sight. Explore the various terrestrial Galaxies birthed into three-dimensional form. Allow them to resonate. Picture them resonate in unison with their fantasy landscape.

Born in Calgary, AB, Kerrilynn has had a special relationship with spirit since she was a born. Their connection has expanded to where wisdom has deepened, and this inspires her to create the way she does. She has worked deep within herself massaging the traumas of abuse in her past to create a stronger bond with her soul. She escaped into art even as a small child learning how to draw portraits, animals and structures. She played in charcoal, water colour, oil paint and anything she could get her hands on. Kerrilynn attended the Alberta High School of Fine Arts and took private classes when she graduated. During Kerrilynn’s process of healing, her first 9-foot by 7-foot mural was born. This is when the door widened, and the downloading was fully emerging inside her. Her unique creative process starts when she feels the bright lights and warmth of the vibrational frequency that surrounds her in other dimensions. Breathing with the energies, her human vessel opens allowing her to receive more information. The light codes encase her body and she becomes the painting; it's inside her.

Kerrilynn is extremely engaging and shares openly about her work. You will often find her in brightly coloured clothing and a tutu in front of an easel. As she works, you can't help but be captivated by her black light creation coming into form. She paints live at Junction and other private events all across Calgary. Kerrilynn also teaches the unique form of her glow-in-the-dark paint experience.

Kerrilynn has been featured in multiple locations around Calgary and Banff. She has been showcased at The Peanut Gallery, Nourish and other coffee shops. She created her first VIP Art and Fashion show at Heaven’s where her work can be viewed until April first. She was accepted into Raw Natural Born Artists in Calgary and Vancouver. You can find her at art pop-up markets around the city of Calgary. She has developed her own clothing line and orchestrated and modelled three fashion photo shoots. She was commissioned to create a 16 Foot by 18 Foot rainbow cherry blossom tree mural in August 2018 at Tribal Connections Market. Kerrilynn's most significant accomplishment to date is being selected to be the first artist to go into new Calgary Public Library Children’s Division April 1.

Kerrilynn’s goal is to inspire others to look deeper within. She says, "Looking deeper can raise awareness and activate the beauty that resides in all of us. It is possible to activate the code that expresses the frequency of our soul."