Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Dream Zine: Create Your Own Zine

The Dream Zine (Formerly know as The Dream Machine Zine) provides the materials and knowledge required to create your own zine. A zine is a self-published magazine that can be created about a variety of different subjects based on the creator's interests.

While there are many lengths, shapes, and sizes that a zine can be made in, we will be focused on creating a zine that begins using a single piece of paper. From there, creators can go on to collage, draw, write, and collaborate to create their own personal masterpiece to take home.

** Suitable for adults and kids age 3+, free of charge **

I believe everyone should experience the self-empowerment and expressionism that is tied to creating a zine. No longer do you have to be confined to a journal or reliant on publishing companies to spread your message. Everyone has the ability to create, and I think we could really revolutionize the idea of power in the community if more people were to express themselves in this way.