Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Denise Godeau

In the stillness of the forests and mountains of Prince George, an earthy aura belonging to Denise Godeau is transforming the beauty that she is gifted to witness into paint-form. These creations are an offering of experience for others to take a glimpse into her world. Always a touch of magic and an ounce of awe, she has a gift for capturing the raw essence of a portrait while adding a layer of surreal nature that goes beyond the comprehension of normal reality.

For her, painting is giving breath to the world, giving it life just for a moment, enough for her to capture its glory and preserve it for all forever. Whether its her signature female forms, an animal that populates her homelands, or a scene of nature that could be taken right out of a storybook, she takes its energy and filters it through her imagination. These images, becoming in the end, an encapsulation of the wonders and bountifulness that are possible through the trueness of feminine energy and the divinity of our surrounding beauty. No matter the context of her creations, Denise stands with one foot on either side of the door, both peering into the distant lands of far-fated romanticism. She is dreaming of the grand illusioned reality, while also making picture perfect form of whatever takes her gaze.