Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Dream Weaver Arts

Keegan Rice is a contemporary visionary artist who utilizes ancient symbols and legends to inspire his work. Keegan’s work pays homage to the powerful natural forces which shape our reality. He has appeared as a live-artist at a multitude of events and festivals including Astral Harvest, Shambhala, Luminosity, Connect, Entheos, and Folly Fest. He currently works from his home studio in Calgary AB, where he continues to explore the use of ancient symbols and evocative imagery fused with Cyberpunk and Sci-fi illustration.

Keegan is a Saskatchewan born artist who gained much of his inspiration from his time in nature and in meditation before receiving a Fine Arts Advanced Diploma from the Victoria College of Art. He has participated in solo and group shows across Canada and has constructed installations at Shambhala, Entheos, Connect, and Future Forest. He is currently delving deeper into multi-media exhibitions while working as a free-lance artist and further developing his personal occult
& sci-fi style.