Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Wood Whispering 101 - The Way of The Wood w Brad Rhadwood (wood as canvas)

Wood Whispering is intended as movement and a solutionary art form that turns trash into treasure. Reinterpreting discarded wood as canvas, and making the ability to create art accessible in a new way. By creating on found material instead of taking from forests, each piece is positively charged and in return gives back to the artist. The same rule can be applied to anything you want to reactivate, reincarnate and or upcycle. It’s fun, it helps the environment and keeps costs down for supplies. It’s a win win and I am very honoured to share this practice with the world and hope it inspires everyone to live and create more consciously.

Canadian/American wood interpreter Brad Rhadwood, aka The Wood Whisperer, uses traditional as well as innovative techniques to transform found wood into paintings, installations, and various works of art (*spoiler alert* the knots are eyes and keys to a secret garden).
Allowing his unconscious to take the lead, Brad listens to the stories the wood has to tell to create whimsical, curious translations from another realm. He’s been “wood whispering” fir the past 15 years and continues to GrOw wherever the spirits guide him.
Founder of the Canadian art collective Wood Vibe Tribe, there aim is to bring Visionary wood art to the world.