Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Art Installations

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Art Installations: Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Astral Harvest is a community rich in talent and ingenuity. We are interested in artists who think BIG and beyond the norm!  Help us create an atmosphere that stimulates the senses.  we have room for large, interactive, and/or thought provoking art installations that push creative boundaries.  



  • Lights, lights, and more lights!  There are nooks, crannies, pathways, and treasures that would benefit from a touch of ambient lighting to accentuate their beauty at night.  
  • Proposals should include description of lighting and your experience, photos (if possible), and asking fee.  Preference for self-powered and free-standing, however, open to hearing ideas.



  • Pouring rain or blazing sun...the show must go on!  With the many activities that Astral Harvest provides day and night, structures of are always in high demand.  Domes, yurts, and circus tents - we are interested!  Please provide photos, dimension, and asking fee with submission.  
  • Shade Structure:  Provide ample shade for at least 20+ people (the bigger the better!)
  • Rain Structure for eating area: Provide shade and rain coverage, allowing for at least 4-6 full size picnic tables to be used underneath.  Breeze must be able to pass through.


Installation Requirements

  • Must stand up to all weather conditions. Must not blow over (or away) in wind or be destroyed by rain.
  • Must meet safety code. An onsite inspector will be assessing all installations for safety.
  • Provide your own crew, transport, tools, equipment and supplies (we encourage the use of reclaimed materials).
  • Encouraged to provide ambient lighting for at night. Self-powered preferred, but negotiable.
  • Responsible for setup (you may come 3-4 days early if required) and the installation must be ready for use by 12pm on Thursday.
  • Responsible for tear down and removal of all material off the site by Monday at 2pm.
  • Responsible for managing your own budget
  • Cannot put your waste in the Astral Harvest garbage bins - all materials must be removed from site by your crew.
  • Grant will be paid after final clean-up and inspection before Monday at 2pm.


Astral Harvest will provide

  • Payment of agreed upon grant amount.
  • 2 free tickets.  Additional pre-approved crew need to purchase regular priced festival tickets. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Early arrival on site as negotiated in contract.


To apply you must provide

  • Design layouts, estimated building time, space requirements, required materials, lighting and tools.
  • Previous experience, photos, trade certifications (carpentry experience an asset), related websites
  • Related references (at least 2 that can be contacted by us)
  • Grant amount desired. Keep in mind that the installation is yours at the end of the festival; due to this Astral Harvest should not be expected to fund the project 100%.


Safety is our number one concern. This will be a major factor when choosing the recipients.

All grant recipients will be required to sign a contract. Failure to complete or remove installation by stipulated dates will result withholding of pre-determined fee.  Serious inquiries only!!