Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Kavita Sundar is a fresh eyed wonder, listening, observing, wandering and dream weaving. Her earliest memories involve following her mama around and singsong-narrating her every move. Bless that woman's patient heart. Her parents left everything they had on the Fiji Islands to fly across seas and hustle for the American dream. It was navigating the loss of language, culture and relationship to her parents that spurred the humming in moments lost in translation, the writing of poetry or wild flailing of hips and limbs, to explore the dissonance created from her eastern body (intuition) and her western mind. Since her parents could not guide her into this culture or pay for extracurricular classes, she used MTV and trading mixed tapes to "study" music. All this knowledge has been experiential, obtained in nature's free school. She is happy to say that she has made friends with some really amazing, creative people that have shared their knowledge with her. They have created the Feminine Freestyle & Flow Collective- a super inspiring space to practice, share knowledge and choreograph whole performance pieces!