Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Skinny Poetry

Many years ago, before Skinny had earned his now permanent title of 'Skinny', he had a strong attachment to words and the creation of stories. Finding himself socially isolated at a young age, Skinny loved to write, but often found himself bored before he was able to create longer works, and loved the fact that he could use poetry to tell a full story within the confines of a single page. Throughout grade school, he suffered from depression and spent much of his free time writing poetry to distract himself from the harsher realities of the real world. Having since conquered his mental illness through the discovery of community, Skinny is glad that he spent so much of his time learning how to utilize rhyme, plot and sillyness through his youth! With a now strong acting and performing background, Skinny takes pride in his ability to perform a variety of self written works that are simple to understand, yet fun to listen to. Catchy song chorus', relatable experiences and and a strong stage presence are all things to expect at this spoken word performance!