Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Beat Burglar

I have played many dance floors over the years from intimate house parties to large festivals. Nothing makes me happier. I was raised to be a good host and that ensured when I got into music, I developed a very sensitive awareness of making people feel comfortable and setting the mood. This is a daily practice that is more than just dance music; It’s medicine.

As a DJ this has led to me incorporating elements of turntablism, funk, soul and disco deeply rooted in hip-hop, breaks, trip-hop and house into some sort of cocktail to be vague. I do everything I can to bring to the table, whatever the dance floor needs; while expressing what I love and knowing that we are all connected while I’m doing it.

I'm the Beat Burglar. Not because I'm a thief, but because I know in our roots it's exactly what we are, or at least it’s where we started. See you on the dance floor :)