Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Drum & Bass DJ
Edmonton, Canada
YEGDNB / Funk Bunker / Future Roots

Pyper (Joey Pyper) is an Edmonton based DJ with a passion for DNB & Jungle music. This YEGDNB resident has received tremendous praise in his quick rise for his impeccable track selection, and ability to effortlessly flow through the various sub genres of dnb. From feel good liquid rollers, to double dropped dance floor bangers, Pyper always keeps the crowd guessing.

Pyper has performed at festivals such as Astral Harvest Music Festival and Odyssey Gathering (Zion Noiz), as well as shared the stage with top dnb talents such as Delta Heavy, Dimension, Technimatic, and many more. When not behind the decks, Pyper is working at growing the local scene, and spreading the good word of DnB and Jungle to like-minded individuals.