Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson is a local hip-hop artist born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. With a passion for enriching the typical “Hip Hop” song, Mr. Thompson relies on many outside influences ranging from Middle Eastern heritage music to 60’s psychedelic rock. When it comes to lyrics, Mr. Thompson makes a departure from what we expect of the genre, swapping pills for politics and opting to resist all forms of physical violence. Tom Thompson has been performing for close to 5 years and in such a short time has had many meaningful experiences in the industry, ranging from performing as the opening artist for Western Canadian Fashion Week to being able to work with an up-and-coming Siberian rapper to create two full length projects. With such a global reach, a stake in multiple businesses outside of music and a management deal inked under YEG Music, expect to hear more and more about this artist in the near future.