Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


PORTER is a Canadian singer/songwriter with an ever-growing song catalogue bleeding from the Folk-rock & Alt-country vein. His music touches on many topics with excellent and often personal lyrics (usually being compared to Neil Young). On stage he seems to comfortably shine, keeping the crowd's attention not only with great songs but even between songs with his off-colour sense of humour and hilarious traveling stories.
Porter began pushing his music career into high gear in 2009 when he gave up a normal life by selling everything he couldn't fit in a backpack and moving to Nashville. Honing his songwriting skills and learning to navigate in the ever-changing music industry. Since then he has barely stayed put for long, performing all over the world and releasing two albums with a brand new 3rd album due out this March!

Believing that hard work and sacrifice will pay off down the line, he continues living a "work, save, record and perform" life while vagabonding around the globe, soaking up musical culture and growing a steady following one step at a time. Porter has been based in Ireland for the last two years and will soon set out on the road again with the release of the upcoming album. His simple drifter lifestyle allows him to keep music as his main focus by giving up the comforts of a regular life in pursuit of a dream to simply make a living doing what he loves for those who love it.