Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Tandem Yam

A decade and a half has passed since best friends Kayla Williams and Melody Stang first joined their wide spectrum of vocal harmonies. In tandem and apart they have been creating music non-stop since accidentally singing together to a Bee Gee’s song. Touring extensively through Canada, Australia and beyond with their musical comedy project The Dirrty Show, they’ve gained the knack for keeping audiences engaged and entertained with music and witty banter between songs. They tend to best write the funny songs together and the heart-wrenchers apart, but have just plain missed each other on-stage when performing alone. Hence joining forces and uniting their unique contemporary pop/folk sound together.

While their voices haven’t been genetically enhanced, Kayla and Melody’s harmonic alchemy and stage chemistry prove you don’t have to be sisters to sound like you’re related. Their style has been blended from a mix of their favourite ‘yacht rock’ hits of the soft-rock seventies, harmonic geniuses like The Beach Boys and The Everley Brothers and new indie like First Aid Kit. Choosing their name in reference of their “tandem” joint effort of this two-singles-become-one and an inside joke referring to their ultimate legend Fleetwood Mac’s “Family Man” or as they would rather sing: "Yam what I yam, a Tandem Yam".