Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Nix Nihil

Nix Nihil is a fictional entity that inhabits the material world from time to time. As a questing adept and bard, Nix tells stories, conjures music, and performs ceremonial magic to create webs of connection between people of all walks of life. A vocalist, writer, rune-reader, and academic, Nix has a wide knowledge of various esoteric traditions both in theory and in practice as art forms. He sees his purpose as being a communicator, an emissary of poetry from the Astral plane. Come and be entertained by his renditions of Norse legends, acappella vocal looping songs, and meditative poems.

Nix will perform his album, NecRomance, live -- interspersing his experimental, ambient soundscapes with spoken word and interpretive gestures. With only the odd exception, every sound made in Nix’s beats grew from his own voice. He describes his technique as “vocal conjuration,” or “summoning the ghosts of his past selves” to carry out his musical Will. He is eager to see what new voices will emerge in Angelica’s Basket…