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Ky∆zMa [kahy-az-muh] is a Montreal based electronic-folk band, consisting of William Moon and Christina Enigma, who found each other through the random grace of synchronistic destiny and good Samaritanism. Originally hailing from Ontario, Canada, their connection as friends and roommates was instant, and the two formed a bond that continued to evolve as musical partners and artistic collaborators. A mutual interest in bass music and the integration of traditional and modern instruments united and inspired them to create Ky∆zMa: an adventurous audio bridge between a new generation of electronic music and DJ culture, and the familiarity and soulfulness of live bands and acoustic folk music. The two began writing together in the winter of 2012 and were soon performing at various venues and festivals across North America, which furthered their interest in sound system culture and planted the seed for their shared desire to grow their presence in a diverse and inclusive international music and performance community.

The music they create is a reflection of their passion for the integration of sounds and aesthetics that, at once, sets them apart and connects them to a growing body of live performance artists who see value in the alliance of old and and new music technologies, and coming together to bridge a gap of age, demographic, genre and style. The deep bass and digital, electronic drums create a futuristic and club-culture ambiance, which is then seamlessly assimilated with roots vocals and live instrumentation. The recent popularity of bass heavy music festivals and talented individual performing artists provided the perfect environment for the birth of Ky∆zMa’s unique voice, which is equally old and new, acoustic and electronic, digital and human.

The band's raison d'être, based on the intertwining of musical genres and sonic aesthetics, is clearly audible on their first release: a 7” single entitled “Magician Man” featuring a drum and bass remix by talented Montreal electronic music producer and friend Livingstone. Their first full length LP “The Magician's Mirror” was released in fall of 2016, and it reflects the band’s present ambition to perform as much as possible and do what they do best: unite music and individuals, sounds and styles and technology and instruments to create beautiful audio imagery that effortlessly bridges the worlds of electronic and acoustic music.