Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


A beat selector, driven by love, and dedicated to the dance floor — whatever you fancy, DJ SEVNDE will have you sold with his unprecedented flow, smooth, effortless transitions & his fresh and tasteful track selection. An aficionado of music, his library includes everything from soulful deep house jams to DnB dance floor movers and bass-heavy shakers.

Dylan has been involved in Edmonton’s electronic music scene for over half a decade. His first experience at Astral Harvest Music Festival was as a Hospitality Super-Volunteer and his dedication and commitment quickly propelled him to take the lead position as Hospitality Co-ordinator. DJ SEVNDE is one of the many talented DJs in the Astral Harvest family.

In 2013, Dylan was brought onto the Odyssey Gathering team as a resident DJ and has since then become a core member of the OG crew. As Artist Liaison, Productions Manager, and much more, Dylan is valued by all for his attention to detail, hard work ethic, and most of all... his undying kindness.