Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Pilgrim featuring MC Drala

Life is a dance, a journey, and we do not journey alone. Pilgrim knows this. His ecstatic, soul-shaking house sets exist to create a space for community and collaboration on the dance floor: From celebrating diversity at the Reign Bough Arts Festival, to spinning alongside Pacific waves at Hawaii’s Flow Fest, to the creation of AWAKE, Edmonton’s famed early morning dance parties, Pilgrim sees music as medicine, with the power to uplift, shift, and return us to our original state as blissful beings. Sharing a moment of connection, raising collective energy, embracing every twist and turn on life’s road with playfulness and wonder, that is pilgrimage.

After meeting another mindful DJ named Drala, the two decided to create a morning dance experience called AWAKE that integrates Tai Chi, Philosophy, Fitness and incredible music by top DJs.
Presently, Drala has turned his focus back to the microphone and is currently writing fresh new lyrics to share with his community alongside Pilgrim's beats. DRALA invites the crowd to instead become a gathering as they pause to feel deeply the magic that is all around them. He invokes the simple truth that we are truly alive when we find deep connection. He aims to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and realize the importance of every single moment.