Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Boosh & The Dip

Edmonton Music Award nominee Boosh & the Dip are one introspective emcee and producer (Boosh) & 4-piece band (The Dip). Their experience has two sides to it: the live band performance with heavily guitar-based "pushing-blues riffs" punk, with a jazzy, jammy feel. Like the most delicious kind of spread on the best piece of toast, the recorded productions carry a clear reminder that their music is also very hip-hop. The closest thing we can compare Boosh & the Dip to are Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots. The band is aiming for similar followings as K-OS, K’naan and Gym Class Heroes, but also current 'big times', like Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar.

The group has played 50+ shows in the last three years they have been together. They have opened for many touring hip-hop acts, performed at some respectable music festivals and have found a lot of support performing outside of the hip-hop community. For example, last year they opened for legendary blues slide guitarist Sonny Rhodes and pianist Leon Blue. Their live performance is versatile and can adapt to many different crowds, creating moments, whether they're busking on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue or performing at a nearby venue. They have achieved charting radio play on several radio stations across Canada, and their new song “On You” recently entered weekly rotation on the legendary CKUA in their hometown of Edmonton.

Boosh & the Dip recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw them raise over $6000. They have released three projects, with their latest being River City Riot, Part 2 (RCR2 for short) released May 23, 2017. Each album was self-produced by Boosh and carry a unique, cinematic vibe that reflects the community of Edmonton. Let’s get it.