Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


AniMAL is an up and coming DJ from Calgary who is looking to blow minds with her first festival appearance. From band geek to dabbling in the endless sounds of EDM, this girl lives and breathes everything music.
As a multi-instrumentalist, she's been developing her ear from a young age and carries these fundamental skills into her sets on a consistent basis. A couple years back, this young musician was introduced to Calgary's captivating electronic music scene and its wide variety of underground styles. She quickly fell for that squishy, glitchy bass music and began DJing shortly after.
Two Astral Harvest pre-parties later (and with the supportive mentorship of Kali Yuga and the Genesa Project) she is ready to share her style with the world. Always striving to find the balance between heavy basslines and mind-bending aesthetics, AniMaL is sure to get you dancing and leave you hungry for more.