Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Mythos - Old Stories Come New

William-Zakkary, based in Calgary, AB, is a performer of story and circus. With a background in dramatic and circus arts, world religion and storytelling, William-Zakkary blends his talents into unique performances which mix something old with something new. Having grown up on the stories of gods and men from the world over, his performances seek to invigorate and reinterpret the legends of old and bring their vibrancy and mystery to audiences in the modern age. In the realm of circus he is fond of bringing the queer and odd to bear in hopes of leaving the audience smiling and a touch wiser for the experience.

Mythos, Old Stories Come New, is a collection of myths from the classical world that have been tailored for the 21st century. Be it Theseus and the Minotaur or Inanna in the Underworld, these stories have been reworked to bring them out of the dusty annals of history and back to where they belong, alive and shared aloud with an audience. Myth and storytelling have always been at home in the outdoors, under the stars, and amongst new friends and it is the hope of this performance to bring magic to the wonderful community that is Astral Harvest.