Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Ryan James Summers - "Some-Sum", is an Edmonton born spoken-word poet and freestyle artist. He started writing at the age of sixteen and began to freestyle whilst living on the streets of Edmonton at age seventeen. Throughout his journey he became submersed in hip-hop culture which became the foundational component of his ability to freestyle. He realized that his passion for spoken-word as an art form could be used to express himself. This realization stemmed from an influential peer's perception of his writing style, delivery on the mic and engagement with listeners.
Inspired by various artists including Saul Williams, Robert Nesta Marley and Michael David Larsen "Eyedea", he found himself with a calling to combine both spoken-word and hip hop into its own unique and collective art form. His abilities as a wordsmith and eclectic taste in musical culture led him to experiment by combining this art form with diverse instrumentals. Some-Sum has the desire to leave an imprint of his art and authentic self on the world and in doing so empower others to discover their purpose and truest self.