Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Weekend Specialz

Coming in from parts unknown representing Canada & USA when, "The Weekend Specialz" are not in the studio or at summer festivals you can normally find these two guys sipping' on the rum, chillin' on the beach, or catching' fish by the fly in The Bahamas. Russtallion known as the half deaf DJ & Ambassador of the Alberta Deaf Association, slays on PK Sound rigs punishing and pushing the bass bins to the limits, so his audience can really feel the vibes. He mixes all things house and has been known to toss up a few DnB tracks to cause a frenzy from time to time. Mr.Nizzlesworth aka ED Nizzam has been a long time purveyor and curator of the House & DnB scene here in Alberta for the last decade and has been known to throw down some of the best fundamental Hip-Hop sets around at Unity Sound Saturdays @ Broken City. Ed is just a big music nerd who absolutely adores playing music for people to dance too. The Weekend Specialz feed off each other, and the crowds they play for. Expect wild and crazy things during their set because all good things happen musically on the dance floor when The Weekend Specialz are running the 2x4.