Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Hailing from the Canadian prairies, Defunk has made a profound name for himself around the world as a connoisseur of genre blending. Catching the attention of Pretty Lights, Griz, and Gramatik, his blend of funk, blues, soul, and bass music has taken the scene by storm. Innovating new ways to bring fans of all types into the modern bass music scene, he has made a niche for himself virtually untouched, combining different tempos and different sounds into a mash of musical ingenuity. His live show is an extension of this that allows him to keep the conventional methods of dj mixing with an experimental and spontaneous live performance through various instruments and synths on his keyboard. With a constantly changing set and rapidly expanding discography, it is impossible to ever truly see the same thing twice. This is part of the magic and allure of Defunk.