Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


The Pride / Living Room Stage / Shambhala / Meowmix / Nelson BC

Lion-S has deep roots in the Canadian electronic dance music world. Beginning her life long affair with records collecting vinyl as a hobby in 1995, she opened a record store in Halifax in 1997 and started DJing as a way of expressing the love she had for the new music she was encountering. Discovering a true talent for both selection and mixing, the beats drew her westward landing her back in her westcoast stomping grounds, Nelson, BC, where she began setting foundations for The Pride, one of Nelson’s first dance music event companies. Her stint booking talent and curating for all stages at Shambhala from 2001-2008, and as Living Room stage director from 2002-Present, put her in touch with some of the biggest and most influential acts of the dance music world, exposing her even more deeply to a wide variety of styles which form the basis of her unique multi genre sets. Her roots are in house music but she also explores midtempos ambient and downtempo, favouring sounds with global influence such as tropical bass, cumbia, moombahton, trip hop, afro, ethnic, magical, ethereal, caravan, dub, and 808 bass. Lion-S is also a founding member of the Kootenays’ original all female DJ crew MeowMix.