Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Shakti Showcase

The Shakti Showcase is a powerful, multidisciplinary, multisensory collaborative performance showcasing the talents of 30 Star women in our community. The tastefully woven and carefully curated show portrays the many faces and archetypes of the divine feminine through song, dance, clowning, spoken word, storytelling, rapping, acoustic and electronic music, medicine songs, fire performance, aerial arts, burlesque, comedy and live visual art.

From seed to flame, night to day, tears to triumphs… HerStory is ready to be heard! A testament to the new paradigm, the Shakti Showcase serves as a potent model for what occurs when women collaborate, celebrate and express together, rather than compete against one another. The age of competition is over. It is time for us to come together. Together we shine brighter. Together, we rise. Arrive prepared to witness the explosive and sensual power of the goddess’s many faces!