Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


DJ’s are a dime a dozen these days, but only a select few can say they’ve been around since the early days, when Edmonton’s fledgling rave
scene was born. One member of that elite group is DJ Donovan. He’s not only an influential and respected pillar of the scene, but a huge part
of the foundation it was built on.

The early 90’s saw rave culture make its way to Edmonton and right from the start DJ Donovan was right in the middle of it all. It didn’t take
long for him to fall in love with the music and the scene. He started out like any other rave kid, spending endless nights dancing until the sun
came up.

By the mid 90’s, DJ Donovan was ready to take it to the next step and started learning to DJ. In 1996, the hours and hours of practice were
about to pay off, but he was still unsure of what DJ name to use. His initial choice was “Auracle”, but after some consideration, decided to
change it to “DJ Donovan”. His big break came when he was offered a chance to play Freedom Fridays at New City Suburbs, and it wasn’t long
before crowds fell in love with his unique music – a genre he calls Eclectic.

Soon promoters like Nexus Tribe & Happy Bastards were booking him to play large raves, as were nightclubs and the after-hour’s clubs in the city. Over the years, he’s had residencies at legendary Edmonton clubs like Therapy, Everafter, Climax, & Y Afterhours – eventually taking over as Y’s manager for a number of years. And the legend was born.

Everyone knows and loves the DJ in the Hawaiian shirt – a fact that was reinforced in 2002 when he was voted Best Local DJ in See Magazine.
Far too often such new found notoriety, and high profile residencies can go to one’s head, but not DJ Donovan. Instead of an egomaniac, you’ll
be more likely to find him getting his groove on during a set, offering advice to young promoters or ensuring the health and safety of those around him. DJ Donovan’s impact on & contributions to Edmonton’s rave culture have helped shape past, current and future generations - whether they’ve met him or not.

After a long, successful, satisfying DJ career, DJ Donovan has “semi-retired”. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean he’s done. If you ever see
DJ Donovan climbing back into a DJ booth, a collection of Eclectic tunes under his arms, & headphones in hand – tell your friends, tie your shoes and prepare yourself for what will be the night of your life.