Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Dirrty Show

Gliding your mind into the gutter one harmony at a time, Kayla Williams and Melody Stang (AKA The Dirrty Show) tickle your funny-boner with their hilarious and unfiltered “double R-rated” tunes. Their song-writing skills, slick licks and quick wit span across all genres, penning such infectious crowd favourites as Queef Anthem, Tinderman and Morning Wood.

"That knack for poetic vulgarity extends to the duo’s stage performances, where their whole-hearted embrace of all things filthy can leave certain audience members seriously squirming."– Trevor Nichols, Jasper Fitzhugh

Blending stand-up comedy, music and improv, their live performance synergy takes you on a harmony rich, sexual odyssey and leaves you clamouring for more. Since 2011 they have rocked some of the top Comedy stages in Canada (Toronto Yuk Yuk’s Nubian Show, Edmonton Comedy Festival) and Australia (Melbourne Comedy Festival) and more festivals (Fringe: “Flaps of Steel”) and music venues and festivals than they can count. Their full-length comedy album CREAM [2016] is on iTunes, but the audio recording just can’t compare; see The Dirrty Show live and you leave laughing, enlightened and probably a bit horny.