Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Nineca is a Spanish-Canadian Edmonton Based Artist.
Ninecas voice was crafted young by her opera singer grand mother and raised in a performing arts environment with music and dance. Her inspiration comes from a non conventional upbringing. Her connection to spirit and her exuberant passion shaped her into a stunning vocal improv artist and singer songwriter, making her sets captivating uplifting and moving. Mostly she has been providing dialed in vocals as an Mc-Vocalist with names such as Dub Pistols, Blue Lunar Monkey, Nada Deva, Spiral Architects, Bardic Form and Coco Love Alcorn. She has plans to work with Random Rab and Long Walk Short Dock. Nineca has an amazing live looper set that ranges from ambient to groove, and sings in different languages with instrumental additions. Her genera touches on Soul, Rock, Mid Eastern, Inspirational, Latin and Reggae. She’s seriously talented, delightful and often humorous!