Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Thug Shells

Shell yeah! This lil' thug has just returned from her escapades overseas, recording her FIRST album - Bubbly Gangster - with her favorite producer, the King of Breakbeats, Shade K.

Rapper/MC from the YEG, Michelle, AKA Thug Shells, is the bubbliest gangster Western Canada has to offer. With conscious lyrics juxtaposed over the most gangster basslines - the effervescent energy from a Thuggy set is contagious. Thug Shells will be sure to throw a smile on your face and a wiggle to your bum!

Transcending a multitude of genres, Thug Shells is happiest throwing down over breakbeats and drum and bass. Teaming up with her go-to babe-a-liscious DJ K-Stylez - these two ladies are like nothing you've ever MC-seen before. If you happened to catch this dynamic duo surfin' the Market Stage last year, you'll know that their chemistry is unparalleled.

Since picking up her first microphone last summer, Thug Shells has sailed across Western Canada creating a name for herself as a conscious hip hop artist and weaving her way seamlessly into the Canadian festival scene. Last summer she graced the stages of Reign Bough Fiddle, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion, Electric Love, Fozzyfest, Shambhala, and more.

Look out for Thug Shells rapping her way around the festival circuit this summer, coming to speakers near you!