Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Kali Yuga & The Genesa Project feat. Alyag

Kali Yuga & The Genesa Project (Tanner Cherry) are a dynamic duo of do-ers whose passion for the electronic music community and love for one another shines through in all of their work. Their project encompasses a wide range of ventures, including producing and spinning music, stage design, event curation, and podcast hosting.

Whatever the medium, be it through music, art, production, or podcasts; Kali & Tanner strive to connect people within the community and make their dreams come true.

Behind the decks, their live performance is high energy and interactive; engaging the audience through wild movement and ecstatic drive. Known for bringing the deep and heavy bass, their selection of trap, psytrap, neurohop, and glitchy bass music is sure to get your booty movin’ in the most obscene and obscure means possible.