Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire is a diverse performance group. They radiate and express ancient rhythms and dance through world drumming and didgeridoo, fused with gypsy inspired accordion riffs and tribal house music. They present an intercultural revolution! They do not limit themselves to one category and have delved into and become artists of ritual fire dance, burlesque, circus arts, and flow arts with huge success and praise by their audiences. Their vibe is playful and mystical and is guaranteed to spread love and light!

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire was born in 2005. Their first performance was in a field of Hemp on the Saskatchewan prairies, dreamed up and manifested by Buzzroc and Lady Buzzrock, two soul mates with a dream to spread the joy of rhythm and grooves around the land. Since that time the tribe has had many evolutions before arriving at the place of "Tribal Gypsy Flow". The message and themes have remained the same over the years. They inspire joy and exuberance with their performances and tune in to an inherent creative expression, preaching a message of peace, love, unity and respect, and humanity for all!

They strive to have a presence whether on or off duty. Jamming and celebrating life through music and dance is a way of life for these disco gypsies. A sweet moment from last year's Astral Harvest made its way onto the promo video when one of our lead artists Buzzroc created a positive stir with his didgeridoo freestyling on the festival grounds, attracting a small crowd dancing along. We live for these moments!