Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Nicky Dubs ft. Kahtja

Nicky Dubs (Nic Dublanko) is a Canadian electronic musician from Edmonton, AB. As a drummer turned multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, he fuses live elements with bass music festival vibes. His music has an energetic eclectic sound, influenced by reggae/dub, liquid dnb, jungle, Hip Hop, soul, house, world beats and by his fellow Edmonton artists. His melodic, groove-oriented songs are a unique blend of atmospheric and rhythmic psychedelia. The live show is a one-man band performance that can easily be mistaken as a DJ set. Always featuring some combination of live drums, vocals, looping/effects and collaborations, every Nicky Dubs set is a different experience than the last.

Nicky Dubs opened up for Dub FX in March 2018 backing up the band Three:33 and has performed solo at some of Alberta's greatest festivals including Odyssey Gathering, Reign Bough Fiddle, Jamtron 4 and Intention. Being such a versatile musician, Nicky played in 7 sets at Astral Harvest 2018, one of which was solo. His original music is available for free on bandcamp and he currently performs with Duophonics, Kahtja & Mo, Thug Shells, and Drumz Etc. He has also played drums live with legendary artists Mira Nova, Mister Crowley, Beat Burglar, Poppa Squats and DJ Pilgrim.

His previous music brand, Space Picnic, was active in the Edmonton area between 2016-2017, Playing shows regularly alongside the McGowan Family Band, Str8 Gutta, Corvid Lorax, Boosh and the Dip and DJ Weezl. Nic and feature emcee Paisteez played memorable sets at Hip Hop in the Park 2017 and Jamtron 3. Nic also played in 3 sets at Arts Wells 2017.

Bio for feature artist Kahtja:
Kahtja is music. Starting violin at age 3 and piano at 5, Kahtja has spent a lifetime becoming the unstoppable, multi-talented musical virtuosa that she is. Throughout her many travels, she collected traditional songs & influences from around the globe, as well as exploring worldly rhythms through her study of West African drumming & dance. She constantly collaborates with bands, DJs and producers in various musical realms including Alberta's bass music communities. Kahtja has performed at Astral Harvest the last 4 years as a singer, dancer, emcee, and multi-instrumentalist. Due to the unmatched level of quality in her authentic works, she is highly respected in local arts communities and is considered a superstar by all those who are aware of her truly magical creative talents.

Nicky Dubs and Kahtja have been musical allies for one year and have played over 20 shows together in 2018 including three sets at Astral Harvest.