Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Galactic Hobos

After meeting at NASA Space Camp as kids, our heroes had dreams of becoming world famous space explorers. As they grew, so did their love of earth music and their solo careers. But soon after, they became bored with everything that earth offered musically. So, they decided to team up and set out in their space ship in search of new sounds.

After travelling several millions of light years, several space battles, and saving several civilizations, they found what they were looking for on a small planet, Glitchtopia. With their new discovery in tow, they returned home.

Since their return, this Canadian Duo is blowing up the charts. Their first release “Fan Flip” on Electric Love Records and recently signed, “Acting Up” on Adapted Records reached #2 & #3 in the Glitch Hop charts. After just a few short months on the scene, The Galactic Hobos are garnering national attention recently being licensed to Netflix.

This eclectic and energetic duo continue to break records everywhere. So, whether you noticed or not the Galactic Hobos are back from space and they are here to save the world!