Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Thomas Anthony

You are entering the Dirty/Pretty world of Thomas Anthony. Be prepared for an orgiastic feast for the senses. There is no time or thought, only dirty, pretty experiences.

Thomas Anthony creates a style of music that seduces emotions to the surface. This multifaceted musician is not tied to any single genera, but has classified his music as “Dirty/Pretty”. Heavily influenced by UK garage, melodic deep house, sensual trap rhythms, and organic instruments, Thomas fuses colourful textures from multiple genres to elicit a highly musical and emotional experience.

Thomas Anthony has not limited his artistic career to solely creating, Salvador Daliesque, audio paintings, but rather, is inspired to create an experience that will emotionally lift the senses and stimulate the mind.

He is also one half of the production DJ duo, Peep This, in addition to the g-house duo, Tom Collins. Thomas has been signed to some of the most respectable labels in the industry, including Dim Mak, Interscope, Hot Cakes, Lift Off Recordings, Punks, Brooklyn Fire, and Ministry of Sound. Last year, Peep This produced five consecutive Beatport #1 Tracks, along with a Top 3 spot in both the Aria Charts and the Canadian Itunes Dance Charts.

Get ready to be lead into a dirtier, prettier world, where you will never want to leave.