Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Bernie Opteynde found his early music roots in Folk and Rock and has later found his love for Electronic music. His European heritage and and nomadic nature has brought a global taste to his track selection. He presents an eclectic spectrum of tunes from downtempo house through to blissful soft techno. All his sets share a common ground with deep bass-lines, beautiful emotive melodies, high energy and a focus on audience connection. He has been on an extended work and travel tour of North America; enjoying sharing his passions and talents with different communities. His winter journey south to the culturally rich and diverse lands of Central America followed the same flow with appearances in the rapidly expanding Guatemalan electronic music community. An expansion from last seasons appearances at Freezerburn, WickedWoods, Burningman and special guest appearance at Borealis Music festival will see more in store this season and his following steadily on the rise. With an unquenchable thirst for personal growth and passionate pursuit of musical collaboration and production, DISCOHIPPY is an artist to keep your eyes on.