Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Willka Pacha

The name Willka Pacha (Sacred Planet) comes from Quechua which is the language of the Inkas. Pacha is the Planet where we live; Pachamama means Mother Planet, and embraces the concept of time and space. It is the place that provides us with all we need and with teachings about how nature technology works. It is the place that each living being on the planet resides, such as plants, animals, the ground, the water, the atmosphere and humanity- each natural level of life is blessed and provided for by Pachamama and we all have a task to assume during the time we are visiting this dimension in our lifetime. Pachamama is the school planet where we are temporarily in order to expand our consciousness. These are the ancient teachings from the shamans of Peru. The Willka Pacha band is comprised of musicians from different backgrounds and nationalities. They are all experienced musicians with more than 10 years of performing. They started jamming together in 2018 because of the cultural exchange they were doing and by 2019 they formed the Willka Pacha band and continue supporting, embracing and sharing messages of environmental protection and cultural preservation. In their lyrics they sing about ancient gods of nature like Wirakocha and Apu Kon and
about love and connection with nature in life and positive energy for the planet.