Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Mistress Mangladesh

A decade long paramour of the underground music scene, Mistress Mangladesh aka Lindzie spins her black wax purism into the phatest techno, minimal, house and disco beats she can track down.

As a veteran vinyl enthusiast, Lindzie is in her element when mixing an array of lost record-box gems from her varied collection into sets that are both fun and eclectic, as she moves bodies and grooves hearts.

She has a passion for pumping out those prestigious vinyl vibes at diverse underground events around Edmonton, as well as gracing the festival stages of Motion Notion, North Country Fair and Astral Harvest.

Dancers are met with the heart and prowess of the Mistress through her moving melodies and bewitching beats… the luminous smile on her face whilst she spins, is evidence she’s doing what she loves.