Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Demonized: Circus of Hell Sideshow

Circus of Hell is an award-winning professional and fully insured fire, circus and sideshow performance troupe specializing in unique and extremely dangerous acts that shock and amaze audiences. Circus of Hell was founded by core performers and married couple Doug ("Demon") and Susan ("Sisu") Thompson. The couple, who also co-own Hell 'N' Back Welding Ltd., build, perform with, and sell their own unique fire props. Their performances incorporate dance, circus, sideshow, magic, theatre and glow to create uniquely strange and beautiful spectacles of light that leave audiences in awe. Circus of Hell's performers have gained an international reputation among both regular audiences and other fire performers alike for their innovative props and highly technical fire stunt insanity that pushes the boundaries of what seems humanly possible and crosses over into the realms of magic and wonder.

Co-founder and principal performer Demon is known for being fireproof. He is not only an accomplished fire eater and breather able to do difficult hybrid tricks incorporating both skills, but he is also one of the only people today performing the legendary "Fire King/Fire Queen" fireproof acts once popular a century ago, such as eating red hot coals and licking red hot metal with his tongue. He has also pioneered fire eating with propane blowtorches, a controversial act confirmed by both the sideshow and fire communities to be a first in the world. In a feat unparallelled by anyone past or present, Demon is best known for extinguishing an oxyacetylene welding torch on his tongue multiple times, which has earned him an unbroken world record for the Hottest Flame Extinguished on the Human Tongue - and internet accusations that he truly is possessed with infernal powers from Hell. He is also a professionally trained stunt burner. Demon is principally safetied by his wife Sisu, who not to be outdone, can not only eat and dance with fire, but can lick a hot household iron and balance a fire sword on her head while blindfolded and walking on broken glass.