Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Ghostly Hounds

Ghostly Hounds combines strings, horns and powerful vocals to create a dark, jazzy sound. Formed in Montreal and often on the road, the band’s members reside in both British Columbia and Quebec. The project, in full, features the songs of vocalist and banjo player Francesca Mirai accompanied by Matthew Dorfman on double bass, Suzanne Stirling on trumpet and mandolin and Vimul Him on cello and saw. The band takes many formations with any number of these performers. Ghostly Hounds self-produced their debut demo in November 2015, only a month after beginning to play together. In the subsequent years the band has toured Canada coast to coast several times, playing roughly 200 shows from PEI to Vancouver Island.

Debut Album: On June 5th, 2017 Ghostly Hounds released their debut full length album, Creature. The album features 1 traditional and 10 original songs written by Francesca Mirai, arranged and performed by the band. Francesca’s deeply personal song writing, with focus on themes of love and grief, has evoked adoration from listeners across Canada and the United States. Her skill as a songwriter, her unique and powerful voice, the intimacy and vulnerability of her songs, and the band’s original and soulful arrangements have earned Ghostly Hounds enduring and enthusiastic support from their fans. The recording and production of Creature was made possible through a very successful crowd funding campaign; with 130% of the bands goal raised well in advance of the campaign’s deadline.