Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Storyteller, performer, and scholar of old things, William-Zakkary Stinson’s Mythos Project is an irreverent marriage between his love of performance and weird old stories. With a background in theater and bachelor's in Religious Studies, Zak has done the most sensible thing with his life and ran away to join the circus. He has been living, training, and performing in and around Calgary/Mohkinstsis since 2016.

While scholastically trained in old theology and pursuing a life of circus, the Mythos project is a marriage of both, the sacred and the performed, born out of the stories he would tell friends while drinking. The stories of the Gods, of the Heroes, did not begin their lives dryly scratched on the page of some volume-they were living stories told by friends to each other, sung out to crowds so that all experienced the same journey.

Humans crave shared experiences; it is literally what brings us together. The aim of the Mythos Project is to explore that craving. Myths are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves; they are the worlds we create around us. Through the telling, this world is brought to life in our minds for each of us to connect to and cherish. The stories we hear shape the way we think, and they are powerful vehicles for shaping the world we live in.