Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Nested in the Kootenay mountains of British Columbia, Canada, comes a duo that captures the roots of their rugged home with the timbre of old soul, blending a timeless sound that goes by the name of Moontricks.

Moontricks has proven to be one of the best not-so-secret treasures in the festival and live show circuit. Their sound represents a cutting edge blend of folk and electronic, blues and soul, and features live guitar, banjo, keys, and vocals making them both a standout live act and studio act.
They have their own original style of boot-stomping grassroots blues meets underground bass music. This catchy sound blends in unison creating a brand of folklore that has crowds ranting and raving throughout the west coast.

Moontricks meshes together classic genres with modern cutting edge production. Their unique and distinct sound ensures an emotional and enthusiastically engaging musical experience.
They currently release music on The Funk Hunters’ label ‘Westwood Recordings’, having published the recent singles ‘Solar Therapy’ and ‘Mountains’ as well as collaborated with the label heads on the hit track “Lunar Smack” that climbed the Beatport Glitch Hop charts to reach the top 10. In the past they have also released on both Really Good Records and Smokey Crow Records respectively.

Recent years have been good to Moontricks, whether it’s been keeping a consistently packed tour schedule or releasing iconic original music, they have been keeping busy and ascending as they’ve come into their own. 2017 was another big year on the tour schedule for duo, having a packed summer festival circuit that included Shambhala, Evolve, Tall Tree, Astral Harvest, and Atmosphere Gathering to name a few, packing crowds and elevating audiences with their dazzling groove and infectious vibe. Every performance is richly unique to wherever their inspiration takes them and the crowd ignites in them, together, getting high on the vibes and lost in the music.