Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Remo de Janeiro

Attracted to bright lights and loud noises, Remo got his funkin start in Edmonton’s club and Rave Community in the mid 90’s. Before becoming a DJ, Remo was there to dance! Often the first one on and the last one off the floor, some of Remo’s favourite DJs included Deko-ze, Tryptomene, Cory Payne, Dragan, Nicky Delgado, Junior Brown, Celcius, Dr J., Spilt Milk, Ariel & Roel, Waylon Sherrington, Tripswitch, Lori the Hi Fi Princess, and Andy Pockett. Party animal and a natural networker, Remo co-founded cheeky production company UNIT-E. Filling E-Towns dance floors from 95-98, Unit-E put on a slew of successful Raves and themed club parties. After Unit-E disbanded, Remo purchased his first pair of 1200s and hasn’t looked back. Remo’s style evolving from Hard/Acid Techno to funky, deep and soulful house was less gradual than one might expect. After housing Edmonton for more than a decade, Remo has emerged as one of Edmonton's most popular and hardest-working DJs. Whether you’re tapping your feet in the lounge, shaking your booty on a dance floor or just tripping balls at a festival Remo’s sound will move you. Be sure to visit Remo and the BSDS crew down at the beach!