Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

spr0ut and Nix Nihil

Combining the mixing prowess of DJ spr0ut and the hypnotic words of power from the vocal conjuror, Nix Nihil, these two colourful academic-musicians will bring the science and the magic to the Harvest for your aural entertainment!

Anna Bee, aka “spr0ut,” is an Edmonton-based DJ who has been curating mind-bending, heart-opening, and bone-shaking frequencies for the past two years. Spr0ut mixes and hosts on Cosmic Roots on CJSR 88.5fm, repping mid-downtempo, psychedelic, glitchy bass music, and is inspired by their own trippy journeys and the magic of the earth. Spr0ut is currently studying aquatic carbon biogeochemistry, or how energy moves through the natural world as matter in water. Known among the Edmonton festival scene for her warm vibes and crunchy bass, spr0ut looks forward to making her debut at Astral Season 12: Magic!

Nix Nihil is a performing vocalist of nearly 20 years. A scholar and teacher of esoteric literature at the University of Alberta, Nix applies a ceremonial flair to his musical glamours.

Don’t miss out on this magical science! Catch spr0ut and Nix at the Axis Mundi Theatre!